Episode 6 What Can You Do to Help the Homeless Without Causing Harm?




Should I buy them a car? Offer groceries? Take them in? What is helpful to do in interacting with the homeless and what may actually do more harm than good? Cynthia Anderson, Disciple Multiplication coach, and trainer answers this question from years of experience working with the destitute and homeless in India, Nepal, and across the globe.

Key Points from this episode:

  • There is a big difference between relief and development. First, discern what is needed.
  • The greatest gift you can give is the gift of acknowledgment of their dignity as a human, created in God’s image.
  • Deal with spiritual and physical needs like Jesus and Paul did in the New Testament.
  • Connect the poor to resources by advocating for them, and helping them find ways to use available assets and assistance programs.
  • Be willing to be the Body of Christ and provide community, though this may be difficult.


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