Episode 9: How and When Do You Minister Deliverance as a Disciple-maker?



In this episode, Cynthia Anderson, disciple multiplication coach, and trainer, addresses the critical issue of deliverance ministry as we disciple and bring people to faith. For those coming from backgrounds where demonic engagement is a norm, learning to simply, but powerfully, walk with people toward freedom is a vital aspect of making disciples.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Equip every believer to take authority over demonic spirits and to address deliverance issues in a simple, normalized way.
  • Deliverance is not a spiritual gift. It’s something all believers can walk in using the authority given to us as followers of Christ.
  • Help people find freedom by praying with authority in the name of Jesus.
  • Don’t over-dramatize deliverance issues. Keep it as low-key as possible. If the demon makes things demonstrative that’s out of your control, you do not need to make it loud and dramatic.
  • There is an overlap between demonic oppression and demonic possession. Don’t get hung up on the theological boxes. Deal with the enemy and set people free.
  • Understand, know, and be confident in the authority you’ve been given by Jesus.
  • Ask questions to discover inroads and where they may have opened their life to the demonic. Unforgiveness, idolatry, and other areas should be explored. Often when a person repents and renounces these activities, it brings release.
  • Some demonic strongholds, oppression, etc. require fasting prayer.
  • After dealing with a deliverance issue, pray cleansing prayers to avoid any attachments.


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