Episode 10: Ways That Churches Can Build Relationships in Their Communities



Churches that desire to make disciples in the areas around them need to work on their community image and relationships. How are they perceived by the neighborhood? As a blessing or something less than that? In this short episode Cynthia Anderson, disciple multiplication coach and trainer, shares key ways to improve on relationships and build bridges toward greater community engagement.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Start with prayer.
  • Pray for the community leaders to flourish and have wisdom.
  • Encourage prayer walking and prayer mapping.
  • Build relationships and look for ways to actively serve the community.
  • Survey to find out what the needs are.
  • Encourage participation in community events. Intentionally show support and provide volunteers.
  • If needed, decrease your church programs to make space for involvement in community work.
  • Look for ways to reconcile or restore relationships with the community.
  • Be willing to change behavior to become a blessing to the neighborhood you are located in.


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