What Are “Borderless Nets” and How Do I Cast One?

borderless nets

A few days ago, a friend from Bangladesh used the term “borderless nets” in a chat message. It caught my attention. I’m not sure where he got the term, or if someone else used it first. I immediately asked the question that is now the title of this blog. What are ‘borderless nets’ and how do I cast one? I thought about Luke chapter five. Could casting “borderless nets” help us catch the huge number of fish not possible in other ways?

Covid-19 forced us to think and work in new, innovative ways. It pushed us out of the box (or rut) we were in. God is like that. He turns horrible things the enemy intends for evil into good for His kingdom.

Over the past year, I’ve observed the new ways people are engaging in disciple making through online formats. I agree, we need to keep evaluating this. We must make sure it goes deep enough as far as transformation and character change. It is nonetheless an exciting new development in DMMs. Like never before, DMM efforts are crossing borders. They are jumping into places impossible for them to reach before 2020.

Borderless net-casting is not going away. Mission agencies, pastors, individuals and anyone serious about completing the Great Commission needs to consider them. Click To Tweet

We must evaluate and fine-tune it for sure. But let’s partner with God in what He is doing through new ways of rapidly multiplying disciple making across the earth.

Peter Worked Hard, But Caught Nothing

In Luke 5:5 we see that Peter had worked hard but caught nothing. It’s not hard to identify with Simon. Many of us work hard but don’t see the fruit we long for. There is no shame in that. God is aware of our efforts and affirms our heart to serve Him.

A few weeks ago I published a guest article written by a colleague about how the harvest is ripe. I got a bit of push-back from a few people. When we don’t see fruit, it’s so easy for us to look for theological reasons to justify it! Believe me, I get that. We don’t want to feel condemned or blamed when we don’t see fruit. Nor does God want us to feel that way. He does want to help us become fruitful!

Jesus didn’t criticize or condemn Simon for his lack of fruitful fishing. Instead, He told him where to cast his net and encouraged him to try again. Click To Tweet

For some of us, God is saying that same thing to us today. He is asking us to fish again for disciples but in new waters and new ways. Will we hear and obey His voice? Discern what He is doing in the world today?

Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”

Luke 5:5 NIV.

Have You Considered Starting Online Disciple Making Groups?

My friend and colleague Johann has done an excellent job of multiplying groups online. He serves as a trainer with me in the Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements course. This course includes an online experience for four weeks where you participate in a zoom-based disciple making group. Many who get that taste of how effective and real the fellowship can be online, go on to start their own groups.

Listen in to how Johann describes his experience starting online DBS groups.

What Is Stopping You?

If you have started online groups but struggled, we’d love to hear from you. We can come alongside and help troubleshoot issues. If you are considering it but have questions, reach out to us as well.

The best recommendation I have though is that you sign up for the upcoming Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements course! Use the link in the slide-in form and we’ll notify you when it opens. In that course and community, we’ll come alongside you and walk with you as you cast your net in new waters.

Are you in?

Feel free to comment on this below or join the DMMs Frontier Missions Facebook group and ask your questions there. Let’s cast those nets out. God has an amazing catch of fish for us ahead!


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