Episode 11: Lies We Believe About Love, Life, and Discipleship- Interview with Daniel Im



“Cast vision for disciple-making. Model it for those you lead. Many Christians have heard of the Great Commission but have no idea how to fulfill it,” says Daniel Im, in this insightful interview. Sharing from his own journey as a believer, then a member of Cru in college, and later a leader inspiring many toward church multiplication, many helpful insights come through as Cynthia interviews our guest today. This is a longer interview, but well worth the listen!

Key Points from this episode:

  • One lie we believe about disciple-making is that it is the method that is most important.
  • There is a difference between orthodoxy (knowledge) and orthopraxy (practice).
  • The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few. How do I spend this short life multiplying God’s kingdom?
  • We need faithful preaching about what it means to be a disciple and do the work of disciple-making.
  • Pastors, are you communicating the vision for disciple-making? Are you making disciples yourself? This normalizing of disciple-making is crucial.
  • Train your people to neighbor well.
  • God uses ordinary people who are willing to say, “Here am I, Lord.”
  • DMM practitioners should honor legacy churches and learn from one another as one body.
  • Sow seeds, be faithful, and be that person who is available to Jesus to use.


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