Episode 21: How to Develop Your Prayer Life: Interview with Peter Lundell



Today Cynthia Anderson, DMM Trainer and Coach talks with pastor and author Peter Lundell about how to grow in your prayer life. Peter is the author of a book called Prayer Power and has important insights on small steps to growing into a powerful person of prayer.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Jesus didn’t pray because He was weak, He prayed because that was who He was. Prayer is connected to our identity.
  • Chinese Christians visited American church and said “We are amazed at how much you do without God.” Ouch!
  • A day without prayer is a declaration of independence from God.
  • It is helpful to designate a particular time of day when you regularly and consistently pray.
  • When your prayer life seems mundane, check your consistency and variety.
  • Corporate prayer tends to release more powerful answers. Incorporate it in your normal meetings and services.
  • Read books about powerful intercessors like Reese Howells, George Muller and others.
  • The best thing you can have in life is a hunger for God.


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