Episode 22: Is Preaching Essential to Church Planting and Making Disciples?



Some say that preaching is sacramental and a vital part of what should happen in “church.”  Is it?  What about when you are starting a house church with the intention that it will multiply? Cynthia Anderson, Disciple Multiplication coach and trainer explores this question in this episode.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Paul said in Romans 15:20 that it was his ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ wasn’t known. The greek word here means to evangelize, not stand on a platform to preach to an audience.
  • We need to seek the most effective, fruitful and relevant ways to evangelize the lost in our context and use those to “preach” the gospel.
  • Some good ways to do this are 3 Circles, using stories, asking questions and opening dialogue, starting discovery groups, etc.
  • Jesus preached a few sermons, but he told many, many stories and asked many, many questions. Lets use His strategy!
  • In a Discovery Bible Study group, we need to avoid going into preaching mode where we explain the scripture. Instead, let the Holy Spirit speak through His word. This is more effective in making disciples and bringing deep transformation.
  • Adults learn best when they discover things themselves. If they talk about it, and even share it with others, they remember 90% or more. We want them to remember Scripture and encounter God as they do that.
  • Aim for new growth and new disciples, not just transfer growth of other Christians as you church plant. To see this asking questions and finding Persons of Peace is often more effective than standing up in a room or on a street corner.


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