Episode 25: Keys to Collaboration in Disciple Making – Interview with Curtis Sergeant – Part 2



In this episode, Cynthia talks with Curtis about the challenges faced in collaborating and the need to work with people and organizations both similar to, and different from, ourselves and our own organizations. They discuss the different levels on which collaboration can be done, for instance on the level of coordination of locations or on the level of best practices, etc with the goal of seeing multiplication of God’s Kingdom work going forward.

Key Points from this episode:

  • There are challenges to collaboration. We tend to collaborate vertically (apostles with apostles, prophets with prophets, pastors with pastors, etc.)
  • Horizontal collaboration across the 5 fold gifts is very important as well.
  • We don’t collaborate with everyone at the same level (concentric circles- target)
  • Pride is also a major hindrance to effective collaboration.
  • We can collaborate best around coordination, best practices and principles more than in the areas of tools or specific work. That can be difficult due to the varying terminologies, values, doctrine, etc.
    -Keys to collaboration: Include the horizontal, do the appropriate kind of collaborating, and work together to target different areas.
  • Respect and championing others is one way we can collaborate effectively.


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