Episode 27: What is a Multiplier’s Mindset?



What is a multiplier’s mindset as we endeavor to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples? In this episode, Cynthia shares about changes in mindsets that need to happen if we are to shift from adding new disciples to multiplying them. We can learn many how-tos in discipleship, but if our thinking doesn’t shift, neither will our fruitfulness. Listen in as she shares the heart and motivation behind the writing of her new book on this topic.

Key Points from this episode:

  • The multiplier’s mindset is about shifting our thinking to align with the Word of God in regards to God, yourself, others and how to make disciples.
  • We need to change from an addition to a multiplication mindset to see a Kingdom impact.
  • As we study Scripture, we see that God uses ordinary people to spread His Kingdom in incredible ways. He can use us too!
  • God can transform and change anyone into a disciple-maker who impacts many.
  • John 15:5 says God has chosen and appointed you to bear much fruit- fruit that will last.
  • We can be plagued by limiting beliefs and thinking that hinders multiplication.
  • Wrong assumptions can make us hesitant to share the Gospel with others.
  • Changing our mindsets can radically increase our fruitfulness.
  • A multiplier’s mindset means you put on the mind of Christ.


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