Episode 31: Who Does God Most Love to Use to Spread the Good News? – Grow Mindset



The answer to this question may surprise you. It’s not the mature Christian or the trained professional. God loves to use new and even pre-believers to spread His message. We’re talking in this episode about the GROW mindset, from Cynthia’s new book The Multiplier’s Mindset: Thinking Differently About Discipleship. Pick up a copy today at www.multipliersmindset.com!

Key Points from this episode:

  • God loves it when people “gossip the gospel” even if they are not yet a Christian.
  • We need to change our mindsets and perspective about who is qualified and capable of sharing the stories of the Bible with others.
  • Train people to pass on what they know, even if it is only a very little.
  • Develop a DNA of always sharing with others what God has done in your life or revealed in Scripture.
  • The woman at the well in Samaria is an example of a pre-believer who spread the good news of Jesus to her entire village.
  • Think of someone not yet a Jesus follower and imagine them sharing about Jesus with those around them.


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