Episode 40: Should We Start By Working With Existing Churches and Pastors?



Many of us have a passion to see God move in our areas. We want to work together with others who have that same passion. What are some of the reasons to join with and work together with existing churches and some reasons why we might not feel that is the most helpful way forward? Join Cynthia today as she discusses this important question.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Everything we do in disciple-multiplication or DMMs should be based on Scripture. What did Jesus and Paul do?
  • Jesus often entered the synagogue and even spoke there when given a change to share (Luke 4:16)
  • Jesus’ message was not always received by the synagogue leaders. He was not bothered by that, nor did it keep Him from doing what He was called to do.
  • Paul also entered the synagogue as his first step in quite a few new locations (Acts 19:8)
  • Jesus and Paul didn’t assign the work of discipleship to the synagogue leaders. They took responsibility to train and mentor those who were believing and following.
  • Our goal is not to get people into the building. 90% or more of disciple-making happens outside the church building.
  • Look for like-minded people who are desperate for lost people around them to be saved and willing to change to see transformation.
  • Look for those who are Kingdom minded, not just trying to build their own church or denomination. They want to see disciples made and His Kingdom grow
  • Don’t be concerned or offended if not everyone is excited about DMMs or disciple multiplication. Work with those who are and get busy doing it yourself, creating a model for others to see what it looks like.


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