Glory, Peace, & Favor- Advent Thoughts

This time of year can be a bit stressful. We have so much to do, we sometimes miss the glory of what God is doing. We look right past it.  We see but don’t see.

For me, the end of the year is when I look back on the past year.  This past week I’ve been busy starting on end-of-year reports, comparing data, and making sure everything is properly accounted for.  This season can also be busy with parties, events, gifts to buy, sermons/messages to prepare, family visiting, guests coming by, etc.

Amid these details, added tasks, and the stress that comes with them, we can lose our sense of awe and meaning. If we aren’t careful, we begin to feel anxious, bothered, or frustrated. Our mind is not on angels. We fail to notice the glory around us, or to give God glory.


Yet, His glory is what this Season (and everything we do) is all about!

The angels declared “Glory to God in the Highest.” Pause a minute…okay, even half a minute…and intentionally give Him glory today.  Quiet your heart. Notice His Presence.  Let His peace enter your earthbound heart.  It’s why Jesus came.

Breath Prayers at Advent

This Advent I’ve been doing what are called breath prayers each morning. You sit quietly, focusing on your breathing. Then as you breathe in you say a phrase related to scripture. When you breathe out, you say another phrase. It’s an ancient Christian practice that many are finding helpful these days in calming the mind and heart amid busyness and anxiety. I also like to light a candle in the dark of the morning and sit before the Lord. I wait before Him, waiting for the morning dawn.

As I do this I remember His constancy. It draws me to consider the amazing truth that He always does come…a light, that comes into the dark places in my life. It helps me prepare my heart for Him, to make room for glory.

Pause one more minute.  Thank Him for His favor expressed in your life.  Ask Him to let His favor rest on you and all those you influence; on those you train, mentor, disciple, and pray for.

Will you join me in this short prayer today?

Increase your Glory, Lord!  Fill us, and those who don’t yet know you, with the peace that only You can give.  Let them see your glory in my life. Let your favor continue to rest upon us increasingly.  This Christmas, fill the nations…every nation, tribe, and tongue, with Your Glory Lord… on Earth as it is Heaven. Amen.


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