Episode 42: What are Death Factors for Disciple Multiplication and Movements?



Once you’ve worked hard and prayed much to see a movement of disciples multiply, you want that to continue and be sustained. Yet there are several key death factors that can stop a movement in it’s tracks. Find out what those are and how to avoid them.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Death factors are things that can kill or slow down a movement that has begun.
  • Bringing in outside funding causes local disciples to lose their sense of ownership.
  • Avoid paying evangelists and church planters with outside funds. It may bring some acceleration now, but in the end will be a hindrance that slows the movement down.
  • Sending emerging leaders away for further training can cause them to become outsiders and also elevates them above “ordinary believers”
  • Fear of persecution or of losing your visa can become contagious. Bold evangelism is necessary in a growing movement. Let God be in charge of your platform and visa.
  • Busyness is a major hindrance and success can be our enemy.
  • Learn to say no often to stay focused on what you are called to do, training leaders and making disciples.
  • Be careful about bringing in programs, traditions and structures that become elevated above simply obeying Jesus’ commands


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