Episode 50: 3 Characteristics of the Kind of Person Who Starts a Movement



In this episode, Cynthia talks about the top three characteristics she looks for in the people she is willing to coach or invest in. Who are the kind of people who have what it takes to multiply not just a few but many groups of disciples in a region or area? Find out if those things are present in you and those you are training.

Key Points from this episode:

  • If we love God deeply, it will show!
  • Loving the lost and a deep concern for others eternal condition is present in those who start movements.
  • Potential movement leaders are confidently humble. They are bold and know what they think and believe, are not deeply worried about what others think.
  • At the same time, they are learners, always willing to gain new perspectives and hear what others think.
  • They look for opportunities to grow
  • These leaders have a “gritty determination” and a willingness to fail
  • Failure is an opportunity to learn, and they quickly start again when something doesn’t work out
  • Our attitude toward failure affects our willingness to take risks and to step out in faith
  • Pioneering work always has fits and starts and failures. These things are normal and shouldn’t make us feel as if we ourselves are “failures.”


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  1. Brian Mallalieu

    I agree with your above points, Cynthia, and yes necessary home life is busy & demanding (especially as you age significantly — I’ve reached 90 & am stil discipling thanks for God’s grace!). But, I think perhaps you might be transferring your familiarity with life across the ‘pond’ in discipling for us here in UK. UK as a people are going farther & farther from God & His awareness and laws, or any interest in Him as part of post-Christian Europe — despite God never being far from us (Acts 17:27) thankfully! We persevere in our ekklesia (despite the disinterest, rejection & failure, because we love our God & Saviour who has commanded us ‘as we go’ to disciple the peoples. (Some of the ‘failures’ being disciples who during DBSs eventually decided the ‘cost’ was too much to continue — perhaps they were the middle two categories of Jesus’s ‘Sower’ parable?). Blessings & it’s very encouraging to hear of God moving greatly elsewhere in His world.

  2. Abednigo

    Good evening Cynthia, I understand how frustrating it may be when someone communicate and you does not respond. Am alive and healthy, it is due to the circumstances we found ourselves in Nigeria. We have to provide electricity for yourselves, and other social amenities. Therfore sorry that am not responding to your mails. The few of your teaching I attended to are so impactful.

    1. Post

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