Episode 51: What is the Real Problem? Interview With Roy Moran



Roy Moran is one of the pioneers of Disciple Making Movements (DMMs) in America. On this episode, Cynthia, picks his brain about what the real issues are in why movements aren’t starting in the West, and they talk about what needs to change.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Call people to obedience rather than faith, to follow Jesus, not just accept Him as Savior
  • Learn disciple-making by being with those who make disciples. Be intentional to get around those who are practitioners.
  • The gospel needs to move away from the building and into the community
  • Releasing movements was a harder road than Roy thought at first.
  • We must call people to redirect their allegiance away from an allegiance to self. Their new allegiance must be Christ.
  • In the West Roy found there wasn’t a training problem, there was a culture problem. Mindsets needed to shift and the way we present the gospel needed to change.
  • Roy said we had to “re-gospel” people and help them to understand their relationship to the Father, to understand the gospel of the Kingdom.
  • Feed my sheep doesn’t mean we teach everything to people. It also means we teach them how to feed and eat for themselves.
  • Circle of Accountability: Take responsibility for lostness in a particular circle or group of people.


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