Episode 54: What is the Ideal Size of a House Church or Discovery Group?



In this episode Cynthia shares some of the considerations for deciding the size of a Discovery group or a House church.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Don’t let the group get too big for everyone to be able to learn/repeat the story and participate well.
  • Some people lock the group at 8 people.  It’s not a rule but a guideline to consider.
  • Generally speaking, don’t add new people to an existing group unless they already know others in the group and are part of the oikos
  • Disciple Making Movements generally spread through relational networks that already exist.
  • A mid-sized house church for the purpose of celebration and fellowship can have several discovery groups meeting together once a month.  That maybe up to 30 or 40 people. But in the primary disciple-making group they shouldn’t be too large.
  • If the size is getting big enough that you are considering renting a hall or moving it back to a church building then its too big.  Split the group or multiply it. 


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