Episode 62: Multiplying Jesus Disciples in Your Local Church & Beyond – Interview with Jerry Dirmann



How do you motivate church members to make disciples among the lost? Disciple multiplication sounds great, but how do I make a transition from a church growth model to a multiplication model? Today we have on the podcast, Jerry Dirmann, a pastor and leader of a network of churches. A few years ago, he began this transition and has seen incredible fruit as ordinary church members are becoming disciple-makers, starting groups of new disciples and leading many into a relationship with Jesus.

For more information about the resources Jerry has developed go to www.jesusdisciple.com.

Key Points from this episode:

  • The promises of God are not just divine options, they are promises God intends to fulfill.
  • Saturation in God’s Word, soaking in it, brought freedom and deliverance from bondage.
  • Starting new church campuses is expensive and limited.  There is a lot of heavy lifting involved. 
  • God speaks to us from His Word.  He also speaks to us by His Spirit.  When He does, we must obey.
  • Pastors struggled with multiplying campuses because of the cost involved, but most felt they could start a few new house churches.  
  • Jerry says, “I’m convinced that multiplication is more important then church growth.”
  • I had to repent of ignoring Jesus’ own model and how He multiplied disciples!
  • You don’t need to be a big apple tree to multiply.(You don’t need to be a big church to multiply)
  • We are making a seedless variety of disciples because we don’t pollenate them with the Great Commission. 
  • Don’t be afraid or concerned.  As you obey God, He will provide. 
  • Discipleship starts before people become believers.  Discipling them into faith.
  • Get people you are discipling into the Word of God daily and into prayer.  A weekly DBS is a beginning but it’s often not enough.  


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