The Sow-Find-Start 30 Day Challenge

What is the 30 Day Challenge?

The 30 day Challenge involves 3 things:

  1. Sowing gospel seeds by intentionally initiating spiritual conversations with lost people (at least one per day)
  2. Finding Persons of Peace (at least one in the 30 days)
  3. Starting new discovery groups (at least one in the 30 days)

Why Should I Participate?

We all need encouragement and motivation to move forward in the goals that are important to us. By participating in the 30 Day Challenge, you are saying to yourself, to the DMM community, and to God that you are serious about wanting to see Him work in your area. You are willing and ready to put an effort forward and to be intentional about making progress in your End Vision to see disciples multiply.

When Does it Begin?

The 30 Day Challenge starts on September 1st and will run through the entire month. If by chance you are coming in late, no problem. Start whenever you want to and do this challenge for 30 days.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who has a heart to see God’s Kingdom grow and expand! Grab some friends and help them understand what we mean by Abundant Seed Sowing. Explain what a Person of Peace is, and train them in how to start a new Discovery group. There’s no reason to keep this to yourself! Spread the word with others. If you are a disciple-maker, pastor, or leader, invite those you are discipling to take the challenge too.

Are There Any Resources Available to Help Us During the Challenge?

Absolutely! Click the TAKE THE CHALLENGE link and we will send you daily tips and encouragement by email. Be sure to follow us on social media as well. We’ll be posting resources there throughout the month.

What Do I Get If I Complete the Challenge Successfully?

Everyone who successfully completes the challenge will be sent a special award and a $20 coupon to apply to any of the DMI courses you are interested to take.


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