Do Your Actions Demonstrate a Faith in the God of the Impossible?

demonstrate faith

It is easy to say we believe God can do anything. “He is a God of the impossible,” we declare. In reality, our actions speak louder than words. Does your daily lifestyle reflect this? What steps of faith are you taking that lean hard on God to do what you can not?

As we pursue movements, we must continually grow as people of faith. Those who catalyze, or lead movements, have a robust faith in the God of the impossible. They demonstrate this faith through both their words and actions.

How Faith Grows in Us

Faith and trust are similar. In our relationship with God, trust grows as we know Him better and experience His work in our lives. We learn to depend on Him and believe Him for greater things.

These are a few things that grow our faith in God.

  • Spending regular time in the Word of God. (Romans 10:17)
  • Intentionally choosing to take faith risks and stretch ourselves.
  • Examining our childhood memories and asking God to heal. (Basic trust issues)
  • Reminding ourselves of who He is and what He has done for us in the past.

Throw Me Higher, Daddy

When our kids were little, one of the things they loved for my husband to do was to throw them up in the air. They delighted in the thrill of this. The higher he threw them, the louder they screamed “Again, daddy, again.”

He would hurl their little bodies up into the air, then catch them and pull them tight as they came down. Soon his arms would tire and he’d have to stop. They were always begging for more.

Our kids were absolutely confident in their father’s strength. Both to throw them, and to catch them when they came down. They had faith in his power and faith in his love for them. He would not let them fall. They could delight in the thrill and adventure of the game.

God is our father. He wants to play with us, to help us to enjoy this game of life with Him.

I’m often accused (or accuse myself) of being too serious. Life is not a game. People are lost and dying and going to Hell. Ministry is serious business. This is all true.

As we work with God in ministry, though, He wants us to delight in Him – to play with Him. We are on God’s team as we pursue the launching, growing, and sustaining of Disciple Making Movements among the unreached.

Let’s ask our Father to teach us to enjoy the thrill of the crazy ride we are often on. Let’s ask God for grace to both grow in faith and enjoy the challenges that surely come to us on the journey. Pray with me that our faith would be daily demonstrated by our actions.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1 KJV.

We Demonstrate Faith Through Actions When We…

1. Take risks of faith to reach out to the lost around us.

It can be scary to talk to people you don’t know, especially if you are an introvert. Reaching across cultural and religious boundaries to build relationships is not easy. We will never launch movements unless we make non-Christian friends. Learn to initiate spiritual conversations freely with the lost around you.

This year, stretch yourself to spend more time with the lost than the saved in our lives. Reach out to them in real relationship. Open your mouth to share who God is to you. Invite them to read God’s Word with you. Become confident, and competent, in sharing a favorite short story from the Bible with strangers you meet.

2. Take risks of faith in praying impossible, audacious prayers.

Loren Cunningham, the founder of Youth With A Mission, once said “God is attracted to faith.” It gets God’s attention when we cry out to Him in prayers that are far beyond our limited capacity.

I’m not talking about “bless me, prayers,” but prayers of intercession for a broken world. What are you asking God for in faith?

3. Take risks of faith in daring by setting bold, God-sized, goals.

New Years resolutions are pretty meaningless for most people. Mine are often thrown out the window by mid-January. God-sized goals for the new year are different. When we step out in faith to declare a vision or goal that comes from His heart, it delights our Father. He sees our faith and rewards it.

Review your End Vision statement if you’ve made one. Determine in prayer what God-sized goals you will work for in the coming month. He alone can do these impossible things, but He works through faith-filled people who will take risks and dare to believe Him for big things.

4. Take risks of faith by investing in “less than perfect” people.

Where did you find such amazing people?” Friends ask when they meet my team and staff members. “How did you begin coaching that movement leader?” I am asked.

The key is to believe in people more than they believe in themselves. See them with God’s eyes, who they can become, who God can make them. Take risks and trust them with responsibilities that stretch them. Encourage them and forgive them when they make mistakes.

5. Take risks of faith by living a life of great generosity.

Generosity is far more valuable in the Kingdom of God than prosperity. It requires faith to give sacrificially to those in need or to God’s work.

Does your giving budget demonstrate your faith? Do you regularly give beyond your means or sacrifice your own needs to help others?

Some have asked, “What about tithing in DMMs?” In Disciple Making Movements, we train every disciple to obey Jesus’ command to give beyond their means. When someone needs our shirt, we also give our coat (Luke 6:29-30). This is the Way of Jesus.

In the coming week, how will you demonstrate your faith in new ways?

Let me know in the comments below, or post it on the DMMs Frontier Missions Facebook group.


  1. Moses

    What l learn is faith in action make easy losting people to see how God words can change their lifestyle.Also when we use our time to make friendship with lost people they see our faith too.Also it’s needed cost in our lifestyle to show them love of God.

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