Episode 20: Can Women Be Leaders, Disciple-Makers, and Catalysts in a Disciple Multiplication Effort?



What is allowed or affirmed by Scripture for women to do in missions, ministry and disciple-making? On this episode, Cynthia Anderson, Disciple Multiplication coach and trainer, shares about her own journey in exploring this issue. We look at Biblical passages that demonstrate roles of women and even touch on the tricky passage where Paul said “women should be silent in the church.” You’ll gain powerful and helpful insights from this week’s Q&A that will help you multiply more disciples!

Key Points from this episode:

  • 1 Corinthians 12: 7 and 11 speak of the Spirit giving out the gifts to each person as He determines. If God gives women gifts of teaching, or the gift of apostle, they shouldn’t hide that under the rug or bury that gift (Luke 15- Parable of the Minas) but should use it for God’s glory.
  • In John 20, we see that it was women who God first entrusted with the most important message of all time – Jesus is alive! If God trusted women, to communicate this to others well, we can too.
  • Romans 16 starts with an affirmation of Phoebe, a deaconess and leader in the church. It then goes on to affirm Priscilla, who is listed before her husband Aquilla and was likely more prominent in ministry. It also lists Junia alongside Adronicus and calls both outstanding among the apostles. If Paul was opposed to women in leadership, why would he affirm Junia as an outstanding apostle?
  • The passage in 1 Timothy 2 that says that “women are not to speak, but to be silent” is often misunderstood. Anderson shares about her experience in Nepal, a similar context to Paul’s, and how that shed light on this passage.
  • Deborah, in Judges 4 was a female leader who is highlighted and affirmed in scripture.


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