Episode 41: Multiplying Disciples Among People of Other Faiths



The top priority in disciple-making is to train people to hear God’s voice, says Ian Gennari, author of the book Making Disciples and Leading Others to Make Them. Ian and Carla talk with Cynthia about their experiences in Mozambique, why baptism is so important in disciple-making, about the fruit of the Spirit, bringing the Presence of Jesus to a community and more.

For the Genarri’s resources go to www.compelledones.org

Key Points from this episode:

  • Our top priority in training disciples is to teach them to hear God’s voice for themselves.
  • Disciple-multiplication can be rapid later on, but in the early days it involves a lot of waiting as well.
  • Spending time in the words of Jesus and the book of Acts exclusively for a season led to many new insights and perspectives.
  • Just begin. Get started. Don’t hold back, but be present with Jesus and with people and walk into the opportunities He brings.
  • Ask questions, pray in the name of Jesus and let God disciple you so you can disciple them.
  • The fruit we have seen is linked directly to the power of baptism, says Ian.


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