Episode 44: 3 Things To Do The Week After Christmas



Cynthia shares a bit of her routines the week after Christmas and gives some tips on what is most important to focus on this week.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Don’t let things “go cold” with those who responded during Christmas events or conversations
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to highlight those people you particularly need to quickly re-engage with
  • As you follow up, if you aren’t free right now due to other family or vacation commitments, make appointments and plans to meet them in the new year
  • Rest is a good thing. God created the idea of rest. Take time to let your mind, heart and body recover from the busyness of the holidays
  • Reflect on the past year by asking yourself key questions like, how am I different now than I was last year?
  • Ask yourself, am I closer to God now than I was a year ago? Where have I drifted?
  • Get feedback from those close to you on ways you have changed for good or bad, then let that shape your goals for the New Year.


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