Episode 45: 5 Keys and 1 Tip to Setting Great Disciple-making Goals in the New Year



This episode is all about a proven process Cynthia has used for years for setting great goals in the New Year that lead to fruitfulness and progress as you work to multiply disciples.

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Key Points from this episode:

  • Listen to God. Set aside time to simply listen. Plan a short Retreat, even if its only a day, or even an hour. Everything starts with quieting your heart enough to hear from God as you begin this process.
  • Evaluate the previous year. You need to look back, before you can look forward.
  • Stretch beyond addition. Make sure your goals are 5x or 10x and require you to do things in new and different ways in the new year. If your goals are too realistic, you won’t take new actions that lead to multiplication.
  • Start/Stop exercise. What will you stop doing to make room for the new things you want to start? Focus is essential. We can’t just add more activities and be fruitful.
  • One Thing. Determine your God-given One Thing for the year. What one most important assignment has He given you this year that could have the greatest Kingdom impact? What one bigger thing will you focus on, no matter what, above all other goals and tasks?
  • Bonus Tip- Now. What can you do today to begin? Goals that start with a simple, practical action you can do today move from being lofty ideals to becoming practical plans. Start small, but start today.


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