Episode 46: Advice from the Past Regarding Criticism of Movements with Dave Coles



When God begins to move in new ways, it can cause criticism. In this episode, Cynthia interviews Dave Coles about his book Jonathan Edwards on Movements. What did this respected American theologian have to say about how to evaluate if a renewal or ministry is a move of God or not? Important lessons can be drawn from Edward’s insights as well as Daves.

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Key Points from this episode:

  • Not everyone will want to adopt disciple multiplication or DMM/CPM principles. That’s okay. There is no need to push for them to do so.
  • We need to be willing to listen to our critics and those who have genuine questions in honesty and humility rather than defensiveness
  • Edwards highlights 5 evidences of a move of God
    1) it raises the esteem of Jesus
    2) it diminishes the influence of Satan
    3) it lifts up a higher regard for Scripture
    4) it leads people to embrace truth
    5) it causes greater love for God and love for others
  • Humility and dependence on God must characterize our lives as we pursue disciple multiplication and movements
  • Pride is a great danger as we begin to see God at work. We must be diligent to guard against it and give God glory as he deserves.


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