Episode 49: Sowing and Reaping 4 Fields & More- With Nathan Shank – Part 2



In this episode, we continue our talk with Nathan Shank who created the 4 Fields training as he shares stories from the field, things he is excited about and concerned about related to movements, and about the voice of the global church and our need to listen.

Key Points from this episode:

  • God delights in using the lowly to multiply His Kingdom greatly.
  • There is a way to continue to speak into movements we catalyzed without taking away their ownership.
  • Movements are maturing and have much to share with us and teach us globally.
  • Dependency has more than only to do with finances.
  • The Kingdom of God can not be owned by any one person, nation, or denomination. It can only be unleashed.
  • Re-read the New Testament from the perspective of a disciple-maker and look for the 4 fields throughout it.
  • Stick with it!


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