Episode 58: Honest Talk About Movements- Are the Claims Exaggerated?



In this episode, Cynthia answers tough questions about DMM/CPM and movement claims and addresses the realities that exist in movement work. Get ready for honest, but encouraging talk from someone who knows the realities, both good and bad, in the movement and disciple multiplication world.

Key Points from this episode:

Raw Truths

  • Most movements do not start fast.  They start after multiple failed attempts and significant amount of perseverance.
  • The movements that start fast are those started by other movements.  Movements starting movements.  No unlearning to be done.  Most often in high persecution areas with little traditional church culture to contend with.  
  • Many movement efforts don’t ever go anywhere.  Maybe 10% of those who attempt to launch a movement actually see one.  Could be even lower than that.  
  • Movements are costly.  Not in money, but in suffering.  Great persecution.  Martyrdom.  Loss.  Prayer and fasting.  
  • Not every report about movements is highly accurate.  Tracking and reporting is difficult once things go past several generations and begin to grow rapidly.  There are sometimes false reports and sometimes those who over-report to gain financial support.  

Good News:

  • Movements are indeed happening, exponentially growing movements of tens of thousands of people and the exponential curve is real.  
  • Movements are happening in some of the most difficult places of the globe, where genuine transformation, and truly Acts style miracles and ministry are indeed happening.  
  • Many movements ARE very careful about reporting and actually under-report their growth.  Extremely detailed reporting happens in some of the largest movements I know of.  They are the real deal.  
  • While not everyone gets to 4th generation, and not everyone sees their multiplication efforts go exponential, a TON of good comes from daring to multiply disciples and equip every Jesus follower to be a disciple-maker.  


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