When God Restores- Women Get Included in the Inheritance

women in missions

God created women in His own image.  They hold a special place in His heart. God is using women in missions today like never before!  It has always been His intention to uplift and release women into their full potential. It is part of His salvation and His restoration process that women receive their inheritance in the Kingdom.

At the end of the book of Job, we see a picture of restoration.  He has been through testing and trials and now God blesses and restores.  When He restores, He doubles all Job had.  Job 42:10 says, “When Job prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes.  In fact, the Lord gave him twice as much as before!” 

Another interesting thing comes up in this passage at the end of Job.  It is about Job’s daughters.  As God restored Job’s life, he gave him seven more sons and three more daughters. Here is the interesting part.  It says in Job 42:15, “In all the land, no women were as lovely as the daughters of Job.  And their father put them into his will along with their brothers.” Job, after God had tested and then restored him, included his daughters in his will- he gave the daughters an inheritance!  This was very unusual in his culture and time.  It speaks of the change of heart and the transformation in Job that God had brought about. It was a preview of how God wants to use women in missions!

Some months back, I wrote about another interesting passage from Joshua Chapter 17 that speaks of the daughters of Manasseh asking for their inheritance.

In these days, God wants to restore to women their place in the Kingdom family.  He has much ahead for women in missions!

women in ministry

Women in Missions- We Have A Spiritual Inheritance to Receive

Women have a spiritual inheritance to receive from God alongside of their husbands and brothers.  In Acts Chapter 2, Peter quotes from the book of Joel and says, “In the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, your sons and your daughters shall prophesy…” God wants to release and raise up women to take hold of their spiritual inheritance!  He wants to double the harvesters by releasing women to be disciple makers and church planters too! Women can be great evangelists!  Just look at the woman at the well who led her whole village to faith in Jesus!

Women in many countries feel that they can not do much, that their only role in the kingdom is to stay at home and care for their families.  They don’t believe that God could use them to share the gospel or make disciples.  Cultural issues, church traditions, and many other things keep them from rising up to take hold of the inheritance God has for them.  Be a part of encouraging and releasing women.  They are included in the inheritance!  They have an important Kingdom role to play! We need more women in missions!


  1. George Chance Gibson Maneseh

    It’s true the Prophet Joel tell the truth Joel 2:28-29 I will poor out my spirit and daughters and Son old man’s and Women’s to Speak my words. to the servants to Preach the gospel right now we have the spiritual thinks is working a lot of women’s working in the leadership of the Church. Bishops Pastors deacons Evangelists Disples etc. This is we call it spiritual growth.
    And many Church members from Youngest to older we know the ministry of lord Jesus Christ are growing up even the time of Pentecost after Preaching of Peter they have three Thousand of members before they only one twenty. Then the number continues increase its continues.
    Even many of Muslims are Pastors now.
    Even bishops we are going to reach the end of word.
    One lady from Kenya she is in Saudi Arabia.
    The words of God through Prophet Joel are growing.
    John 4:16-20 this is the strong Message put the Samaritan Woman to believe in
    Jesus he is the Messiah, and the Women Drow all People of Samaritan’s to God and cross the barrier between Samaritan and Jewish because before they were enemies. But through Preaching of Christ all of them left the empty.
    Let us come to Christ we shall find the peace Matthew 11:28-30. By that the badly woman received the Christ Jesus as personal savior and all Samaritan people come to Christ. Through him.

  2. George Chance Gibson Maneseh

    In the old testament women’s working with Prophets never they were accounted by Prophets.
    Deborah working as great Judge in Israel and Hannah did the strong Pray and she give the birth Prophet Samuel.
    Easter wrote the book Ruth also and they did few activities in the Church.
    New testament Mary Mother of Jesus give the birth Son Jesus he is our redeemer Elizabeth give the birth John the Baptist in old age.
    Mary Magdalene she Repent from the idolatry she is the strong member with Jesus but no leadership of preaching to them.
    Salome Sister of Mary Mother of apostles John. Etc by that time women’s the Church did the great role in the Church but they were not recognize by the Jewish law.

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