Episode 2: From Megachurch to Multiplication, Tentmaking, and More – Interview with Chris Galanos

Episode 3 Galanos Interview




Can a mega-church transition into a movement of disciples or DMM? Why would a mega-church pastor want to “ruin his church” by sending people away? Chris Galanos, author of the book From Mega-church to Multiplication, shares his story with me, Cynthia Anderson, in this inspiring and fascinating interview. We also talk about tent-making and how those involved in movement work can pursue a bi-vocational approach.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Chris asked the Lord a dangerous question- God, what do You want our vision to be?
  • Missionaries were planning for an entire people group to be reached with the gospel
  • Its not what can I do but what must be done to reach this region or people
  • Be willing to ask the question, “Could God do here, what He is doing there?”
  • We couldn’t keep doing what we’ve been doing if our vision was for millions.
  • If your goal is to add disciples you can bring them in, but if you want to multiply you’re going to have to send them out- Roy Moran
  • Tentmaking is a valid way for those launching movements to provide for their families
  • There are many ways to earn income apart from a church salary, that don’t require you to work full time

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