3 Things That Increase Bold Evangelism

bold evangelism

“I have tried and tried to get the believers in our fellowship to share the gospel, but they are fearful, shy and just don’t seem able to witness.  Bold evangelism just isn’t happening!”

This is not unusual to hear from the church planters I am coaching.  What can we do to increase boldness and help the disciples we work with to overcome their fears?

3 Things That Increase Bold Evangelism

1. Receiving the Holy Spirit

The classic biblical example is Peter in Acts Chapter 2.  When Jesus was being tried, three times he denied even knowing Him.  He certainly wasn’t witnessing at that point!  But after he received the power of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, he stood in front of thousands and boldly proclaimed the gospel with authority and conviction.  If your church members aren’t witnessing, pray for them to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.  It will make a world of difference.

2. Practicing

Many people lack confidence to witness.  They are embarrassed when they stumble over their words or don’t know what to say, how to answer questions, etc.  After teaching them how to share their testimony, make sure to take time practicing it in a safe environment with other believers.  Let them share it several times and get feedback.  Do the same when training people to share a Creation to Christ story.  Practice builds confidence and helps them to overcome fear of failure.

3. Making a List

Ying Kai of T4T says that people don’t share because they don’t know who to share with.  He encourages people to make a two column Lost and Saved list. Pray daily for the people on that list.  The lost side of the list are those in your friend and family circle (oikos) who don’t yet believe in Christ.  The saved side of the list are those you are discipling.  Regularly pray for them too!

After making a list, you can choose a few people each week and make plans to share your testimony with them.  Being specific and accountable about plans to share the gospel helps us move forward.  If you are training others, be sure to affirm and encourage a lot.  Do this even if their efforts don’t yield success in the beginning.

It goes without saying that we as trainers also need to really pray for believers in this area.  Model bold evangelism in your own life too!  If we are demonstrating a lifestyle of evangelism and courageous witness, they will see it is possible and that they too can do the same.

Bold evangelism is a major characteristic of growing DMMs.  Believe God to help you increase the believer’s boldness!

Which of the “3 Things” will you start to work on this week?  Mention it in the comments and we will pray with you as you work on this!


  1. Mahipal karjee

    It is my great priviledge to learn ministry works through this mail.
    I hope it will be great help to me to be a church planter in my region.

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Father, you are the One who sent your Spirit. Jesus, you promised to give us the Holy Spirit when we ask. We need your Spirit so desperately in our lives. Please fill my brother Peter as He seeks you. Amen!

  2. Brian

    Yes, Lord, I ask for a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit upon my brother Peter. Fill him to overflowing. Take control of his tongue, and cause Your words to flow from within him.

  3. Cindy Owino Maua

    This has been great and I thank you sincerely for equipping me well as l am embarking on Evangelism in Planting and Multiplying more souls to Christ. Out of the 3things that make Bold Evangelism, I would start with No. 3 – Making a List, I would like to start with the List and pray for the Lost and the Saved every single Day as we see the Boldness grow amongst my Team and those on my list.

    QUIZ: How do l ensure that my disciples Recieve the Holy Spirit so as to help us grow Boldness?
    How do We Recieve THE HOLY SPIRIT? How do l go about this?

    I want to make it upon myself that I am going to put into practice No. 2 as well, PRACTISING. I am going to make my Team practise this from time to time, we will get time first to practise amongst ourselves before embarking outside to be sure they are confident enough. i believe with your prayers as well, we shall succeed thru Christ whom l Trust shall strengthen us.

  4. nervana Nabil adeeb

    I need you please to pray for me, for being bold and stop being shy and that Jesus gives me the confidence and makes me boldly share the gospel. Also pray that God provides me with the correct words either in prayers or in sharing parts of the scripture that touches people’s heart and the situation they are in.

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  5. Bakam Amana Gladwin

    I sincerely wish to appreciate you for this mind opening teaching. It has been a blessing to me and I pray and trust God to release upon me the Holy Spirit in its full measure to help me share this kingdom message with the lost around me.

    1. Post
  6. Emmanuel Adekola

    Thanks, Cynthia, for sharing these 3 things in such a simple manner. No time to waste! I will work on all three right away. I covet your prayers.

  7. Dolly

    Hello Cynthia, these teachings on boldness in evangelism have really inspired me,l pray that the holy spirit gives me the boldness in practising witnessing on a daily basis taking into account the list of the saved and the unsaved, thanks for this insightful guide.

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      1. Charles Christian

        Thank you so very much for sharing the importance of Boldness is Evangelism.

        Honestly speaking, the Power of Boldness in Evangelism can never be over emphasized because to me it is the foundational force of Evangelism and that has really help me when I first 🌟 started my ministerial journey and the very best way to get this is by praying for the Holy Ghost assistance and speaking in tongues.

        Speaking in tongues would really go far in helping one develop this Boldness as it edifies and navigate our senses into a definite purpose and simplify things for us.

  8. Kiki

    You work is really great thank for what you are doing may God bless you I am with you in prayer thank God bless you in Jesus might name

  9. Jody Green

    I will first pray to receive the power of the Holy Spirit, make my list and begin actively praying and then go for it. All of this blog is so helpful and encouraging! God bless you!

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  10. Zachary Thuu

    The blog is helpful. Thanks for the insights on 3 things that increase boldness to witness,
    the third is my new dimension to take, creating a list. I am praying for minimum 25 souls born again and discipled enough to win n disciple others this yr alone.
    Pray for me to practice more.

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